Timely – A timeless, Godliness trait!

via Daily Prompt: Timely

“God answers every prayer timely” Lailah Gifty puts beautifully.

Well, time is indeed the powerful, godly, unstoppable force governing our lives, shaping our destinies and our three dimensions -past, present and future -in a timely manner. Everything that happens in our life happens in a timely fashion, whether we believe or not.

We often wonder why it takes so long to achieve something despite our best efforts to achieve at the earliest?! A rhetoric, seemingly unanswerable question pesters us as to why – despite every resource, despite every ounce of determination –  things turn out quite late?! Perhaps, Time has its own reasons for making the call lengthy. Perhaps, what Time does, it does so quite timely for our own greater good!

But this does not mean that we should delay at will.

They say “Timeliness is a Godliness trait” and thus one should not commit the unpardonable crime of procrastinating on will. Well, it’s the truth. Benjamin Franklin once said: You delay, Time does not. Delay delights the devil.

We all have a powerful asset called Freewill – and we must use this willpower to keep doing our karma on time without delay- in a timely way. It is the fruits, the results that might get delayed for reasons unknown to us but for good reasons all the same.

So, as a conclusion, Keep doing your Karma timely. Don’t fret over the fruits…for God shall gift you the fruits in a divinely timely manner!




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