Write your love letter…!


Close your eyes. Just give yourself an introspective pause. Breath in deeply…and exhale…ahhh…relax…

Then let your thoughts dive deeply into the depths of love! Think about a person you love most – a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, sibling, spouse, parent, grandparent, teacher, guide or anyone – with whom you haven’t been in touch for day, months or even years…

Visualize that person in your mind’s eye for five minutes…

Open your eyes, take a pen, put pen to paper and write your heart and soul out about the one you’ve been thinking! Language doesn’t matter…Hindi, English, French, Chinese or a combo of these! – Language has never been a barrier to Love…

Ah…Well, Well, keep pouring your irrevocable, selfless love on the paper; write how you dearly miss your beloved one, and how you deeply long to reunite with your loved one! Just unburden your emotions, just flow yourself by the throes of composition like a wild, unbridled horse…

Take your time…If you’ve completed, neatly fold your letter, get up from your chair, tuck the letter away under your bed mattress and allow yourself a smile (Ah…you’ve just written a masterpiece! Give yourself a proud pat on your back!)

Now, Now, I understand! I can see your frown and can even hear your protests! Indeed, you have written so well, so lovingly, you are dying to show it to the world, post your masterpiece in Facebook (you might even be considering to become a writer) and what not! Why just hide the letter under the damn mattress?!?

Wait….wait, wait! Stop right there! Whatever you’ve just written is absolutely close to your heart, isn’t it? It’s like a personal love letter. Have patience…let it remain under your bed.

Soon enough (now comes the wonderful part) and as surely and certainly as the sun rising from the east, you’ll happen to come across the person you’ve just written about!

Oh yeah… How soon? I can’t say. It might be in the next hour or as well in the coming months or even after a year. Believe me (even as you should believe in yourself!), it could be a chance meeting, a chance call, or anything…but you will definitely stumble upon the person you’ve missed most.

Thinking about your loved one with all the love in your heart set the natural forces into motion…stir the inexplicable cosmic waves into action; the dots begin to connect…Putting pen to paper about that person is parallel to committing yourself and fixing a future appointment the universe will take care of!

Just imagine the rush of triumph you would feel when you do meet this person…Oh! The miracle, the happiness, the ecstasy, that pure joy! Oh boy! You’ll definitely cry out loud with delight: Hey! I wrote about you! How I missed you?! And here you are! As if you heard my call! As if the universe brought you to me!

And what is more…and this is even more miraculous than your wildest dreams…it might happen that the person you’ve written about would also cry in delight and say: Hey! Wow! This is unbelievable! You know what? I, too, wrote a personal letter about you and tucked it away under my bed!





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