Darr Mat… Abhi Tiger Aayega! (Don’t Fear…Now the Tiger is here!) Mystery Revealed!(?)


Witty Warning: Spoilers ahead!

I stopped short on my tracks, my curious eyes transfixed on a mysterious sentence on a roadside banner: Darr Mat Abhi Tiger Aayega

I reread the line again. Then again. Once again. Kept on reading for a full five minutes…something was wrong, something amiss, but what was it? I frowned and then –

Ah…yes…yes, I saw the blunder even as a question flashed in my mind: Why the hell would not I fear the terrible Tiger if it comes in my way?!!

For a split second I had the answer to this paradoxical absurdity: Perhaps, a ferocious Tiger was accidently set loose from the zoo and was roaming freely in the city! And the state’s forest department, in their haste and hurry, had leapt into action to put the warning all over the city only to make a comedy of Error (Terror might be the right word! Ha!)! Instead of saying: Fear, Fear, the Tiger is here! , they put it as “Fear not! Now the Tiger is here”! For crying out loud! I literally looked around myself, praying not to see a tiger about to pounce on me as its dinner!

Such a gross mistake!!? I almost laughed! No, no, I couldn’t bring myself to accept such a gross negligence by our Government! (Had it been the previous, “Palm assuring” government with Ever-smiling Gogoi on the hot seat, I would have believed in their blithering blunder in putting the wrong signs! Perhaps, the Ever-smiling Gogoi would have dismissed this gross mistake by his signature speaking style: Baad Diya Hey!! )

Okay, okay, enough of dawdling and digressing. I won’t dive into the dangerous depths of perverse politics! Let me cut to the chase (I know the answer; just keep reading patiently, will you?) –

This wasn’t a mistake. It was a sort of advertisement, cleverly put and cunningly phrased to captivate the eye balls of the people. And as days passed, I stumbled upon this mystic Ad not only at the roadside but in the newspapers, at cinema malls, in videos, in news channels, in Facebook, in Youtube and what not! Tiger became the buzzword everywhere, the most talked about, hot-gossip topic at the tip of everyone’s tongue! The mother of all mysteries. The Tiger Ad, I might praise, even put the “Why did Katappa kill Bahubali?” mystery to shame!

Now I cannot take it anymore! Nor can you, I know! What the hell is this all about? Every waking moment, your mind must have been mulling over the answers, chewing over desperately, making wild, far-fetched guesses: Perhaps, the Tiger symbolizes the GST stalking us and about to claw us in July! Or it might be a hell teaser of assamese movie about to shatter all the records of the mighty Bahubali! A celebrity might make a surprise appearance! But who? Oh…now you come to think of it! Tiger…oh yes…the answer seems to hang just a few inches away from you…Tiger Shroff? The son of the King Jackie Shroff? Darr Mat…indeed, why anyone would fear this chocolaty, devilishly and tiger-ishly handsome hunk Bollywood Heartthrob? But despite your deepest urge craving to shake hands with Mr. Shroff, you cannot completely shrug off the feeling that something indeed is amiss!

No matter how you much you racked your brains, you aren’t able to bang on the target. C’mon, reveal the mystery!  You might be shouting at me, reading this write up with all the adrenaline rushing in your veins, your wide eyes scanning hungrily for the treasured answer…

The answer is….

For the space of a heartbeat, your heart has stopped a beat…only to begin beating thunderously…

Well, well, well, the answer to this mystery is…

This is a mystery, I am eagerly and earnestly waiting just like you to unleash…!

O.M.G. Seriously, I don’t know!! I was just trying to whip up a thrilling, page turning write up…oh yeah…sorry, really sorry…for fouling your mood. But that was fun! Real fun! Smile please! Let us wait for the King Tiger to reveal its own mystery…

I am waiting for your comments. Till then…Darr Mat…Abhi Tiger Aayega!


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  1. Ha, ha, ha… A really good piece..enjoyed every bit of it.. Although the tiger 🐯is not a mystery anymore. Keep up the good word Saurabh🙂


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