Tonight, I spoke with silence…


I plunged into darkness as I switched off my bedroom lights and lay on my bed, staring up into nothing…but nothingness as the night enveloped me in a cocoon of velvety blackness.

Have you ever observed silence? Or…spoken with it? No? Well, it is, believe me, a profound experience to have, an experience to experience yourself…

And so I let myself loose and allowed my senses to listen to the Silence…in silence. Ah…so it came…the realization; I was more aware of my own self, my own existence. Suddenly, I was listening and feeling to the minutest of details one could ever listen and feel: my own breathing, like a soft breeze blowing in and out as if caressing me within, the rhythmic dip-dop, dip-dop of my heart, an occasional gulp and guzzle in my throat, and…oh yes…a grunt and gurgle in my belly!…a slightest twitch of my fingers, a sudden shiver down my spine, a pulse in my forearm…and so on and so on…

Tick-tock, tick tock…­came the oddly loud tick of the ‘second-hand’ of my table clock, ticking away second by second as if speaking the language of time…and suddenly, burst forth the growls –bhaauu, waauu! – of street dogs somewhere down below as they chased each other about even as a lone crow cawed in a tree above..

Then silence…tranquil and quiet yet whispering and murmuring…my soul seeking solace in its solitude…even as somnolence lulled me into sleep and carried me on a sojourn to the land of dreams, far and beyond…




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