Believe like a Bumblebee!


All of a sudden, a wave of dread assailed over Shreya as she watched the CA-Finals Pass-Percentage in the last term. Both groups: an unbelievably, scary, single digit: 5%!!

Panic pulsed inside her as she thought: This means, out of one hundred, only five lucky ones clear out! This is nothing less than a risky gamble!

She had been preparing for both the groups of CA-finals, the exam was just 4 months away, and she considered herself as an average student. How she could ever hope to make it! Only 0.05 % chance to steer herself out of this dangerous, eight-headed monster!

Unable to calm her increasing agitation, she grabbed her phone and called the only person who could talk sense into her: Her father. As her father picked up the call, she poured out all her panicky thoughts.

“Shreya…” her dad said reassuringly, “Excessive statistics, past trends and too much logic won’t do you much good!”

“But past trends cannot be ignored, Dad!” Shreya almost shouted, “I should give only one group…”

“Just because single group pass percentage is high, you mustn’t alter your decision, Shreya. Okay…let me tell you a story about Bumblebees!”

“Bumblebee?” Shreya gasped, rolling her eyes, “C’mon, Dad! We are talking about CA-Finals! My career! My dreams! How could you kid about those buzzing insects!?!”

She heard her Dad laugh and say: “Listen for a minute, will you? Scientists researched about Bumblebees and were shocked out of their wits as they stumbled upon a startling fact!”

“Really?” Shreya said, not understanding although slightly curious.

“A Bumblebee, as we all know,” Her dad went on, “is a fat bee with very tiny wings and an excellent flier; the bee’s body is highly disproportionate to its own wings. In simple words it’s like  small wings attached to a  huge elephant!”

“Okay…” Shreya said, still not getting it, though she could guess where her Dad was headed to.

“In the world of science, as per the past trends, logic and statistics, a bumblebee should not be able to fly! And yet, inexplicably, it does so excellently!”

As Shreya wondered about it, her Dad resumed, “This led to a fascinating theory about Belief: Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know it; so it goes on flying anyway!

After a pause, her dad continued: “It’s your belief, your conviction, your faith in yourself that really counts. Science, logic and statistics and can never truly measure the power of true faith and belief along with hard work, Shreya!”

Overwhelmed and touched to core by her Dad’s enlightening encouragement, Shreya said: “Thank you so much, Dad. Thank you…That was…an eye-opener…” A wave of relief washed over her. A simple Bumblebee had a powerful impact on her. Yes, her dad was right: she had to believe staunchly in herself.

Her dad concluded: “Now open your books, work hard, believe in yourself like a bumblebee and fly high fearlessly!”

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