Born Every Day!


The clock strikes 12 at midnight; the ‘hour’ and ‘minute’ hands come together, folding their hands in Namaste to greet the dawn of my birthday! Whoopee!

And so begins a gala of blessings and blandishments and chants and choruses – A very merry happy birthday! – buzzing around me.

I smile…It’s a peculiar sensation, isn’t it? On every birthday, you move a step closer to your finality (Oh, I don’t mean to scare you!). Rather, I feel that we move a step up towards our eternity (for we are eternal souls with human experiences). Okay, don’t frown…I am not in for a spiritual discourse, believe me! It’s my B’day after all! Let’s have a bash!

But still, I wonder, why birthdays happen only once in a year? What a preposterous perspective, you might shout. Indeed, we all were born on a special day – as Sir Abul Kalam had put it so beautifully: the only day your mother laughed when you cried – the day when you stumbled out of your mother’s womb to face the world around! Oh, what a historic event deserving a cake-smashing-smearing celebration, eh!?! Cakes and chocolates and pakoras and pawbhajis! And yes, those gifts – wallets, watches, perfumes and books – and sometimes, brand new socks, too!

That is a special day, no wonder…But then, is not everyday special?

Each and every moment we grow, we age, we change. In fact, to put in the words of science, when we go to sleep at night and soar high up in the dreamlands, our cells wither away and new cells spring about. And in the morning when we are back to earth from those magical lands…voila! We feel refreshed and renewed and newborn! We open our eyes to a new day, to a new sunrise, to breathe in the fresh air, to be in the present which will become past tomorrow…and tomorrow will be another new day, a new you! Yes, I do feel we are born every day!

Well, I just a met a friend who wished me, “Happy birthday!”

“Same to you! You are also born today!” I reply to his utter confusion. (We share a hearty laugh afterwards!)

And so, ‘thank you so very much!’ to all of you out there for your warm wishes! “Happy Birthday to all of you!”

You are born today…everyday…


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