Romancing with Khichdi!

The delectable, delicious Khichdi makes your taste buds come alive! Read on to Romance with ever-lovely Khichdi!


Darr Mat… Abhi Tiger Aayega! (Don’t Fear…Now the Tiger is here!) Mystery Revealed!(?)

Witty Warning: Spoilers ahead! I stopped short on my tracks, my curious eyes transfixed on a mysterious sentence on a roadside banner: Darr Mat Abhi Tiger Aayega I reread the line again. Then again. Once again. Kept on reading for a full five minutes…something was wrong, something amiss, but what was it? I frowned and …

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Timely – A timeless, Godliness trait!

via Daily Prompt: Timely “God answers every prayer timely” Lailah Gifty puts beautifully. Well, time is indeed the powerful, godly, unstoppable force governing our lives, shaping our destinies and our three dimensions -past, present and future -in a timely manner. Everything that happens in our life happens in a timely fashion, whether we believe or …

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The “Bhagvad Gita’s” Guide to GST

The era goes back to thousands of years. Lord Krishna, amidst the epic battle of Kurukshetra spoke sagely the divine words of wisdom- the Bhagvad Gita - to his devotee Prince Arjuna – “The soul is unborn and eternal. The soul is not destroyed when the body is destroyed.” You may indeed be perplexed and …

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Success Achieved! Okay! So what next?

  Richa, an IIT graduate, was all smiles. Recently, she had realized her dearest ambition of getting recruited in a multinational company with a seven-figure salary, luxurious amenities and what not. It was a perfect, dream-come-true moment, her happiness further accentuated by glowing praises of friends and siblings, blessings of parents and teachers and the …

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